Feed a Child

Children who don’t eat enough have poor cognitive and social skills in school. Those who come from households below the poverty line struggle with hyperactivity and approaches¬†to learning as well as reading and math. Research shows the period before age 5 is the most important for development.

Famine is many times discussed in terms of area, duration, number of people affected, the scarcity and cost of food, and death rate.  But many times the realities of famines are overlooked; it comes down to that tons of miserable people suffering from starvation are physically and emotionally damaged.

The fact is that in a famine people do not just all of a sudden lay down and die, it is a horrible often prolonged death that these people are put through. Starvation in needy and less privileged families continue to keep us on the move. We look forward to feed over 5000 children every year.

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